Our Services

The demand for our services is very high and we continue to work hard to support all who need us. However, it has been necessary to put a waiting list in place.ย 

Please continue to use our referral form when needed (please choose self or professional referral form) but there will be a delay in response while we ensure current cases are managed fully.

It is vital that if you are in an emergency situation you do not hesitate to contact 999. You can also download useful partner agency information here or view below.ย 

We remain closed to drop-in visits and are balancing the need to support clients face to face and the need to ensure everyone stays safe as Government restrictions ease. Therefore we are doing a mix of online and centre support.ย  However we are still here to support you:

  • We continue to offer support to clients online and via email / phone.
  • We continue to deliver core courses such as Beautiful Me / PETALS to those who are booked on to them through our team
  • We still provide emergency face to face appointments as needed.

We are here to support you. Please stay in touch and contact us by the methods below. We do have a waiting list, but you can also access the referral form if you are new to Women Out West. This is an important step in accessing help.

Email contact any time: contactus@womenoutwest.co.uk

Reception phone enquiries: (Monday to Friday 9.30 - 4.00pm) 01946 550103


There is still plenty of support available from organisations in Cumbria. Please see the information below, or click here to download a copy of these contact details.


Our Vision is that every West Cumbrian woman has the support, tools and opportunities they need to thrive and achieve their dreams.
Our Mission is to provide services designed by West Cumbrian Women for West Cumbrian Women to empower all women to reach their full potential.