Despite significant levels of deprivation, of domestic abuse, crime and other issues which make women vulnerable, West Cumbria has had no women’s centre. Until now!

Centres in Barrow and Carlisle are operating successfully, and expanding, delivering valuable services to vulnerable women and their families. Learning from their example, we are opening a new Women’s Centre based at Haig Enterprise Park to develop similar services in the west of the county. From the support and interest shown already, we know that this is a much needed service. The website is being developed all the time, so please keep checking back for more information.

In the meantime, could you take a moment to let us know how you could support the centre OR how we can support you? It only takes a moment to complete the form found on the ‘Contact Us’ tab. We want this resource to work for everyone, so by giving us your feedback you will be directly influencing the future of this valuable service.

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