Article Review: Empaths vs Narcissists

Empaths vs Narcissists: How to Protect Yourself – an article in Kindred Spirit Magazine Issue 169

Thank you so much to our volunteer Louise. She has read this article and relates it to her own experience in her write up here. You can find out more about the magazine itself via the link above. 

Louise writes:

I came across this article and upon reading and recognising so much of the content, I wanted to share with you and maybe you can relate to certain behaviours You could be experiencing, past or present.

I felt partly gobsmacked reading this, my eyes were suddenly open to the mental torture I had experienced with a certain previous partner.  Looking back now, with the help of this article, I can see how he manipulated me to the point where I was under his complete control. No matter what he did that was terrible his “good side” I felt I couldn’t live without. He knew everything about me, I had given him all my trust, and this gave him the power over me, using my regrets or bad experiences to hurt and embarrass me.  Threatening to tell others my secrets, saying I have “issues” it’s your “mental health”. He said I am the reason why I have suffered other previous abuse in relationships and so I would be left thinking, yeah everything is my fault. Knowing what would hurt me the most.

I knew the way he was treating me was wrong on so many levels but even when I had walked away (which was countless times), he still had

the control over me.  I would be convinced I missed him… I love the way he treats me when we’re good…he knows everything about me…I can tell him everything…he understands me…I would keep going back to experience the good in him and the great times we had. The times he would listen to my every word and say he understands.  He would tell me how strong, beautiful, brave and amazing I was, that one day he will marry me.

Just what a girl wants to hear right?

I found these particular paragraphs really resonated with me:

‘They might come over as pushy with their help and get offended if you don’t take their advice ‘

‘Others present themselves as caring, loving, giving to the point selflessness and wait for it, empathic, in order to gain the admiration that they crave’

Let’s not forget this sentence…Narcissists will scan you for any sign of insecurity!

After 2 years of chaos, I can honestly say this article has really helped me understand and finally put to rest our toxic so-called relationship, to leave it in the past and put it down to another lesson learnt.  I really do wish I had cut all contact so long ago, it’s like I knew I was being bullied and people around me were telling me so, but it can only come from you, finally seeing the “light”.

Have a read and let us know what you think! Do you recognise any similar situations in this article yourself, can you relate?

I also saw many examples of myself as the empath, Do you? Maybe you have read something that has really opened your eyes to certain situations?

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Thank you!