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Book Review: Why Women Are Blamed for Everything by Dr. Jessica Taylor

Rachel Holliday Book Review for Women Out West

“After opening Women Out West and seeing the way Victims of Domestic Abuse were treated I began looking into why this was. A saw women who were told to leave their violent partner, or would have their children removed, then have their children removed for not sharing their children with the violent ex!!!

I saw on Twitter Dr Jessica Taylor had written this book and she had awful death threats and was literally hounded globally for daring to say we as a society blame women for the abuse they suffer. So I bought the book in solidarity and I have to say its totally changed the way I think of what we learn as women growing up. How we look to blame ourselves when we are attacked, even as children!!!

I thoroughly recommend this book to every social worker, police officer and every project worker in our sector. If you have been a victim of an attack, and you have blamed yourself, read this book. It certainly shines a new light on to this taboo subject”

Rachel Holliday, Founder of Women Out West