Patricia sharkey and women out west celebration rachel holliday

Founder Volunteer Patricia Talks WoW and Befriending

Patricia Sharkey and Rachel Holliday

My dear friend Rachel Holliday,  a very special lady in my life (she’s the C.E.O of Calderwood House and Women Out West) rang me in the Summer of 2019…This was in the  preceding months before the doors of WoW were officially opened.   “Patricia” she said “WoW needs you. I want you to be our Receptionist and establish an Office Space in Wow’s New Centre at Haig Pit Enterprise Park”.

What could I say apart from “Yes of course I will”.

Rachel’s enthusiasm, energy, kindness and empathy to help and support others was my inspiration and I became therefore the Founder Volunteer of Women Out West.  The decision for me to join the WOW Team wasn’t taken lightly knowing what was at stake. but being a people’s person and knowing that people matter, I made my decision to do whatever I could to help bring WOW to our local ladies needing support in the area.

A warm welcome with kindness and a friendly smile was waiting for the women that walked through the doors of the WOW Centre when it opened in June 2019….  This attribute is still a major quality you will see if ever you visit the Centre. Although we are not yet open for drop ins at this time, we are able to welcome more people to our courses again.

The WOW Centre (regardless of the conditions we have experienced during lockdowns) has gone from strength to strength…. There is help in abundance always on hand, whether it is in a virtual capacity, on the phone or face to face.

Patricia Sharkey, volunteer at Women Out West

There is an important message that we try to bring home from us “the WOW Team”: Ladies please know and realise your worth; Love yourself but there is no need to do it alone; We have an experienced professional team at Wow headed by our C.E.O Rachel Holliday … Your confidentiality is our main objective, and we have all your interests at heart.          

We must never underestimate the power of togetherness. This togetherness is what WOW brings to the women that seek and ask for their support. WoW is here for you. Never feel alone – seek help. Have a voice. Live the life you deserve and don’t ever be afraid….

The WoW Team will support you in your time of need. We are unjudgmental and have a listening ear in confidence. Don’t ever suffer in silence, look to the future and make that first step to get the support from WOW if you need it.

The Lockdown was the biggest challenge. but it didn’t deter the WOW Team from working from home and being on hand for all eventualities during this crucial time….  Rachel Holliday was an amazing asset. Regardless of family commitments being priority for her, she went that extra mile to make sure that the Tenants of Calderwood House past and present were cared for and all their needs were met along with looking after our clients of Women Out West.

I got priority treatment as well… Shopping, prescriptions, all these I have to thank Rachel for … She truly is an amazing, beautiful soul….


I am still actively involved with WoW as the Befriending Volunteer for the over 55’s.

I realised the need for our Befriending Service during the lockdown. The service is now going from strength to strength. Many women have felt isolated and very lonely. Living alone is the hardest thing to endure, not only during the initial period of isolation and lockdown but also it is a ongoing problem and a major issue in daily lives.

I strive with my service to bring friendship through a phone call. A listening ear with empathy and all in confidence to the ladies who have contacted me through our Women out West application form or phone line.  Never feel alone!

If you need that friend to call you I can be there on the other end of the line. This is a service offering friendship. If you have more complex needs, then the first step would be to access our referral form here.

Welcome to WoW. We are here if you need us. Just take that first step!

Patricia Sharkey

(Founder Volunteer of WOW)

If you are in need of support, please complete our referral form here. This can also be used by third party referring partners.

To access the befriending form click here.