grab bag for fleeing domestic violence

Grab Bags Needed Now for WoW

It’s a sad fact that during the full lockdown, and in these increasingly challenging Covid times, we are seeing an increase in domestic violence and abuse. This means that there is even more need for our services as well as those of our partner agencies. Just this week we have again seen a rise in referrals, and we handed out our last Grab Bag on Friday to a woman who was fleeing from domestic violence.

At least this means that while she waited for news of emergency accommodation and how to take her next steps, she had the basics handed to her in a bag to keep her going for a day or two. Take a look below at this short spin through what a Grab Bag provides……

Could you help with a donation towards a grab bag and its contents? Items cost from 50p upwards and the total bag costs us between £85 – £95 including the mobile phone with top up card. All contributions of any size have an impact.

Rachel Holliday promoting women out west cumbria 400 x 500We make sure every penny goes towards vital services for these women when they are at their most vulnerable and desperate. Our founder and temporary centre manager, Rachel Holiday, had this to say about the importance of supporting women at these critical times:

“Since Women Out West opened we have seen women flee extraordinary circumstances with literally the clothes they stand up in. The grab bags are a lifeline to the women in need and so are our staff who support them in these emergency situations. This is even more important in these challenging times. Thank you to everyone who has donated to help a victim of abuse take the first step to a new life and their freedom”.

Click here for link to new donation page and do put in Grab Bag or GB2020 in your note if you would like us to ensure this is allocated specifically to this service for victims of abuse. Thank you, we are so profoundly grateful for any support that you give. It really does change lives.

Although the centre is not open for any drop ins due to restrictions of Covid-19, we are so delighted to be able to arrange to see people who most need it on a one-to-one basis and we continue to deliver online support as well. We are also running Beautiful Me for small groups, and assessing needs for Petals and for other courses.

Even in these strange times of restricted access, we are able to support those who most need our help.

Know someone who is a victim of abuse and needs support? We have a referral form that allows us to assess needs and either arrange a meeting online or in person with us, or we can signpost to partner agencies where this is more appropriate.

Click here for the referral form.