Hair Stylist Information

The well equipped salon at Women Out West will open in early June 2021 once we have stylists in place on a Friday and Saturday (the two days the salon will open).

Each chair will be rented for a daily fee of £50. This will be payable weekly in advance, and the initial agreement period will be for 12 months.

We will:

  • Provide a chair in a fully equipped hair salon based at Women Out West.
  • Provide marketing support for the salon. The exact type and scale of this support to be decided in agreement with the stylist.
  • Provide and pay for the following utilities at the salon – heat, light and water but not telephones
  • Buy products for retail, which the stylist will in turn sell to their customers
  • Pay the stylist a commission 10% of the value of any products sold. This payment will be made monthly in arrears

We expect the stylist to:

  • Pay £50 per day for the rental of a chair at the salon at Women out West. This will be paid weekly in advance.
  • Cut hair and provide related services to customers
  • Decide their own prices (in discussion with us)
  • Provide services every Friday and Saturday, from approx. 10am to 4pm (to be agreed)
  • Operate in a way which is consistent with the values of the Women Out West centre – and in particular recognises that the centre delivers services to vulnerable women

The initial agreement will last from June 2021 until June 2022 with three month’s notice on either side.

To apply please visit our online form here.