Motivational Queen Courses – Copeland Work & Skills Programme

A great opportunity to access free support: Here is information from Copeland Work and Skills Programme: 

As part of the Copeland Work and Skills Programme, we are able to offer a free bespoke programme of Mini- Master Classes by Zoe Bennett aka ‘the Motivational Queen’ to clients as a Copeland wide digital opportunity.

The bespoke programme of four sessions is for Copeland residents. Each of the sessions will be beneficial to any age group and being that they are only 45 mins each, they can easily be enjoyed alongside any other support programmes clients may already be accessing. You may find that you can incorporate one, two or all four of the sessions into their existing support or just offer the sessions as something which is beneficial for them. It is however preferable to book onto all four to get the best from the programme.

The sessions are as below: and the attached document gives a view of what each one will include and the benefits of each session.

1. Empowering you to understand your qualities to boost your confidence
2. Overcoming challenges and identifying your circle of influence
3. Identifying career opportunities with a positive mindset
4. Goal Setting and creating a winning CV

Here is the flyer which gives details of how to book via email, and here is a link to “The Motivational Queen” website. Download the leaflet with further information about Zoe Bennett’s programme here –> Training Personified – Personal Development Mindset Training Overview v1