grab bag for fleeing domestic violence

Grab Bags Needed Now for WoW

“We have seen women flee extraordinary circumstances with literally the clothes they stand up in. The grab bags are a life-line to the women in need”
It’s a sad fact that during the full lockdown, and in these increasingly challenging Covid times, we are seeing an increase in domestic violence and the need for our services as well as those of our partner agencies. Just this week we have again seen a rise in referrals, and we handed out our last Grab Bag on Friday to a woman who was fleeing from domestic violence.

Article Review: Empaths vs Narcissists

After 2 years of chaos, I can honestly say this article has really helped me understand and finally put to rest our toxic so-called relationship, to leave it in the past and put it down to another lesson learnt.  I really do wish I had cut all contact so long ago, its like I knew I was being bullied and people around me were telling me so, but it can only come from you, finally seeing the “light”.

Motivational Queen Courses – Copeland Work & Skills Programme

A great opportunity to access free support: Here is information from Copeland Work and Skills Programme:  As part of the Copeland Work and Skills Programme, we are able to offer a free bespoke programme of Mini- Master Classes by Zoe Bennett aka ‘the Motivational Queen’ to clients as a Copeland wide digital opportunity. The bespoke programme of four sessions is for Copeland residents. Each of the sessions will be beneficial to any age group and being that they are only 45 mins each, they can easily be enjoyed alongside any other support programmes clients may already be accessing. You may …

WOW What a Time To Change! Rachel Holliday Marks Milestones

The country may still be in partial lockdown, but there is a feeling of resilience and hope as more milestones are reached at Time to Change (West Cumbria) Project CIC. As for everyone, Covid -19 has created challenges for Rachel Holliday and her team, but they will ride this storm, just as they have overcome many obstacles along the way. It is seven years since Rachel Holliday set this up to tackle poverty, disadvantage, and homelessness in the area. Having experienced being homeless in her teens and in a downward spiral with no money, education or hope, she realised on …

Women Out West Book Reviews Cumbria Patricia Sharkey

101 Women Who Changed Our World by Julia Adams

Discover the lives of 101 Trailblazing Women and the remarkable things they achieved,,,Beautifully Illusrated and packed with bitesize biographies of Activists, Leaders, Athletes, Artists, Explorers and Innovators from the celebrated to the overlooked.It was interesting to read how they all overcame the odds, defied expectations and shattered stereotypes.. Their stories are sure to inspire Women and encourage them to dream big…Written in a friendly and accessible style this book includes quotations, fun facts and colourful Illustrations which bring the lives of these inspiring women to life ..Spanning across history and from over the globe, These Women include:Marie Curie,Ann Frank,Boudicca,Cleopatra,Hillary Clinton,J …

WEA Courses online

Free training workshops from WEA

WEA Courses: Fiona Donaldson is Delivering free training workshops from the WEA via Zoom which may be of interest to you. Workshops will run for 2 hours and they are FREE. Thursday 18/6/20 – Introduction to Holistic Therapies C3844477 – 11.30am Tuesday 23/6/20 – Stress Buster C3844478 – 7pm Thursday 25/6/20 – Introduction to Relaxation C3844479 – 7pm Tuesday 30/6/20 – Walk your Way to Better Health C3844480 – 9.15am Thursday 2/7/20 – Recognise your own Potential C3844481 – 7pm   If you know the course details click the link highlighted in orange circle above All participants must log onto …