Book Review: Start Here by Dana Morningstar

I have read this book with a great deal of trepidation, reliving buried memories from my childhood in the 50’s. This was the era when women were tied to the home and children were seen but not heard… This is not the case anymore and neither should it be… ‘Start Here’ and the Author ‘Dana Morningstar’ shows you, which seems like in motion, the Cycle of Narcissistic Abuse..

Confusing, Controlling, Draining, Physical or Mental Abuse.

Does this describe your relationship? Do you wonder why they never change no matter how much you are willing to do for them, love them with understanding and the second chances you have given them? If so you are not alone and this book is a great place to start.. The book covers the most common words, definitions, concepts. and questions surrounding Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse.
It shows the different ways that Narcissists go about exploiting your vulnerabilities and how to create a safety plan if you are trying to leave.
There is a section for family and friends who are trying to better understand whats going on and how to help.

There are so many headings to explore within the book … Each one brings us back to CONTROL….. Unacceptable in my eyes,,,,

This book is a Must Read for those in Doubt… There are Organisations to help you through this…. Don’t stay silent , Speak out and get the help …..

Patricia Sharkey (Founder Volunteer Women Out West)

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