Women’s Safety

Our thoughts are with the family of Sarah Everard.

The sad news this week has re-launched an important conversation about the dangers that women face due to male violence. We do recognise that many men are not violent. However women should not feel scared to leave there home alone.

Women Out West can advise women on the safety measures they can take to feel safe. Although you should not need to take precautions, it may help you to feel safer and reduce your anxiety. It may reassure you to keep your hold of your keys, avoid walking with ear-phones in, make sure your phone is easily accessible and fully charged, and walk in well-lit areas.

You can carry personal alarms. We collaborate with other agencies such as Victim Support who can provide personal alarms. We have a small number available at our Women Out West Centre. If you feel like you need one of these please contact us on 01946 550103.

There is also an app called One Scream this can be downloaded for free. You can switch this app on before you leave your house. It can detect a panic scream and will send a text with your location to your chosen contact. One Scream

There is an app called HollieGuard which offers great options to support you when feeling vulnerable or threatened. HollieGuard App

You can also choose to turn on your location on Whatsapp. You can do this for a certain period or leave on all the time. Check out the information here.
Whatsapp location advice