Drop in sessions where you can come and have a cup of tea, talk to other women and the staff. Time for a natter!
You will be able to make appointments with a member of staff to talk through issues you are facing and receive emotional support and practical advice.
Group activity supported / facilitated by a member of staff. These will be to help those with particular support needs (drug and alcohol for example) More information will follow soon.
We will invite organisations such as CAB and other support organisations to deliver surgeries for you on issues such as housing, benefits, legal issues and other areas where you may need assistance.

Personal development training courses aimed at increasing confidence and improving interpersonal skills, or courses aimed at women in the criminal justice system. Usually these will be 2 hour sessions, and they will be lead by an experienced staff member. The range will include:

• Beautiful Women and Beautiful Me: 12 sessions of Personal Development course available to all womenr

• Petals: 8-week intervention project aimed at reducing offending and re-offending